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The Father 2020

The Father 2020
The Father 2020 (2020)
Género: Drama
Sinopsis: Un hombre rechaza toda ayuda de su hija a medida que envejece. A medida que intenta dar sentido a sus circunstancias cambiantes, comienza a dudar de sus seres queridos, de su propia mente e incluso de la estructura de su realidad. At the beginning, Anne (Olivia Colman), in London, returns to her large, stately, and tastefully cozy book-lined flat, with its sky-blue walls, and greets her father, Anthony (Anthony Hopkins), who is 80 years old and needs looking after. His memory has been slipping, though he hasn’t lost his feisty combative spirit — qualities we’ve come to expect from Anthony Hopkins, though in this film they’re merely the first couple of onion layers of a brilliant, mercurial, and moving performance.
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